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What is Insomnia?

A considerable number of individuals have encountered challenges with sleep at some juncture in their lives. Persistent sleep difficulties, in particular, can be a profoundly exasperating ordeal and wield substantial influence over our physical and mental well-being. Sleep disorders have the potential to impede overall functionality, diminish quality of life, and exacerbate preexisting mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Extended periods of sleep deprivation can lead to an escalation in clumsiness or errors, reduced ability to concentrate, impaired focus, limited memory retention, and fluctuating mood with increased irritability. Insomnia, as a condition, can stem from a range of factors, including existing mental health concerns such as anxiety, excessive worrying, burnout, stress, and depression. External contributors like certain medications, substances like caffeine, alcohol or tobacco, chronic pain or illnesses, as well as experiences of grief and loss, can also exert an impact on your sleep patterns.

How we can assist?

A psychologist possesses the expertise to collaborate with you in uncovering potential factors behind or contributors to your sleep challenges. Furthermore, they can engage in conversations to address concerns and engage in problem-solving, aiding you in cultivating and applying beneficial sleep hygiene practices. They are well-equipped to offer impactful mindfulness and relaxation techniques, facilitating the relaxation of both your mind and body.

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