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Are you suffering from Depression?

We are passionate about your Mental Health


What is Depression

Individuals suffering from depression often grapple with intense feelings of sorrow or unhappiness, and may observe shifts in their mood, including heightened irritability. Daily life can become increasingly challenging when one is battling depression, leading to alterations in behaviour, emotions, thoughts, and even physical well-being. Persistent negative thoughts such as "I'm a failure" or "I'm a burden" may become commonplace. Social withdrawal can also become a significant factor, as the individual may lose interest in socialising or find little to no joy in activities that were once enjoyable.


Individuals who are dealing with depression often encounter powerful sensations of sadness or distress, and might see fluctuations in their mood, such as increased irritability, negative thoughts and feelings of worthlessness, such as believing "I've failed" or "I'm a burden". Depression doesn't just affect mood but also has a profound impact on daily functioning and overall quality of life.

The signs of depression...

Depression is more than just feeling low or having a bad day; it's a serious mental health condition that can make even routine tasks seem overwhelming. You might notice changes not only in your thoughts and feelings, but also in your behaviour and physical health. For instance, you may struggle with concentration, decision-making, and recall, or experience physical symptoms like fatigue, or changes in appetite and sleep. Additionally, you may also notice yourself withdrawing from social activities or losing interest in hobbies or activities you once enjoyed. This retreat from social interactions and enjoyable pursuits can lead to a cycle of isolation, further exacerbating feelings of depression.


Depression is a complex condition with both emotional and physical implications. However, it is treatable, and professional help, such as an online therapist or psychologist, can guide you towards strategies and treatments that can help you manage and overcome depression.

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How we can help?

At Tele Psych, our approach to treating depression involves instructing you in various proven, evidence-based strategies and methods. These encompass:


  • Assisting you in understanding the underlying causes of your depressive symptoms.

  • Encouraging your engagement in fulfilling activities that bring joy and positivity.

  • Helping you address and counteract any negative, self-deprecating thinking patterns.

  • Enhancing your problem-solving capabilities to navigate challenging situations more effectively.

  • Introducing mindfulness techniques to foster a focus on the present moment, rather than dwelling on past events or anticipating future concerns.


By using these methods, our online psychologists can provide meaningful assistance through telehealth psychology to help you manage and alleviate symptoms of depression.

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