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Feeling Stressed
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What is Stress & Burnout? 

Stress permeates various aspects of our lives, encompassing minor stressors like punctuality and major life-altering events such as relationship breakdowns. Its manifestations span domains such as finances, work commitments, and personal relationships. When faced with short-term stressors, our brain activates the 'fight or flight response,' an ancient survival mechanism. This response triggers a cascade of physiological changes, including heightened heart rate, accelerated breathing, muscle tension, and a perturbed stomach. These bodily reactions prime us for the impending challenge.

Although stress can sometimes serve as a constructive motivator, persistent or recurrent stressors with inadequate recovery intervals can lead to a range of negative outcomes. Individuals might experience mood swings, fatigue, a sense of being overwhelmed, sleep disturbances, anxiety, anger, irritability, reduced self-assurance, gastrointestinal discomfort, difficulty concentrating, and eventually, burnout.

How we can help?

Tele-Psych offers valuable support in enhancing your stress management skills through the dissemination of evidence-backed techniques. Acquiring the ability to handle stress effectively holds advantages for both your physical well-being and mental equilibrium.

An online psychologist can guide you in recognizing indicators and origins of stress within your life. They are adept at pinpointing and transforming behaviors that contribute to elevated stress levels. Furthermore, they offer impactful relaxation and mindfulness strategies to empower you in effectively managing your stress.

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