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We are passionate about your Mental Health

Are you suffering from Anxiety?


What is Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia, even more prevalent than depression. This term encompasses a broad range of anxiety disorders, including generalised anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, and phobias tied to specific places or experiences. Beyond these, conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder also carry an anxiety component. Many factors can lead to the development of an anxiety disorder, from employment and relationship struggles to experiences of trauma and loss.

Physical health issues can either trigger or exacerbate anxiety, leading to symptoms like panic attacks, a racing heart, tension, and restlessness. These mental disturbances can manifest in thoughts plagued by fear, obsessive thinking, or expecting the worst.

How we can help?

Tele Psych can help you improve your anxiety by teaching you a variety of effective skills and techniques. These include:

  1. Learning Relaxation Strategies: Like progressive muscle relaxation, which can help you feel calmer.

  2. Understanding Diaphragmatic Breathing: This technique can assist in managing and reducing anxiety symptoms.

  3. Practicing Mindfulness: You'll learn how to deal with intrusive thoughts and uncomfortable feelings.

  4. Getting Better at Problem Solving: Enhance your ability to solve difficulties.

  5. Facing Your Fears Gradually: You'll gradually expose yourself to things that scare you, helping you become more resilient.

  6. Understanding Avoidance: Learn how avoiding situations actually keeps anxiety going.

  7. And More: There's a lot more valuable information and strategies available to support your journey.

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